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Polished concrete and epoxy floors are becoming increasingly popular as more people ditch normal concrete floors for decorative ones. This trend is expected to continue as decorative concrete floors come with many benefits. For one, they are as very durable. These floors are also aesthetically appealing and are a welcome break from the traditional plain concrete floors. It also helps that epoxy and polished concrete floors are among the cheapest flooring services available for both commercial and residential properties. While these two flooring options are great, the installation has to be done right for the users to enjoy the full benefits. That is where we come in. We provide both epoxy floor and polished floor training. We are keen to equip all our students with the skills that will turn them in to experts in this field.

The best way to excel in any industry is to learn by doing. Our certified trainers are available to provide insight every step of the way with one on one training in an air-conditioned warehouse space. We extend our support to guide you through the most efficient ways to operate required machinery, equipment, and tooling for a successful job.

Concrete Polishing Course

If you are looking to get into the concrete flooring industry, we offer a one week, in-depth training class to become certified in polished concrete and decorative concrete applications. During the course, all aspects of concrete polishing are covered; From concrete testing, surface repair, floor maintenance, and demonstrating polished concrete and architectural concrete finishes. Every student is granted the opportunity to learn mentally and physically, working directly with the equipment, tooling, and chemicals to improve your capabilities and performance ultimately preparing you for the industry. Also, to offer something a little extra to your clients, you will also learn how to apply vinyl floor stencils to a concrete floor with decorative concrete stains and dyes. Education is the most powerful weapon, use it to change the world!

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Epoxy Resin Coatings Course

If you are looking for a career change and enjoy being hands-on, the epoxy coating industry is ideal for you. Whether you are new to the application of epoxy or just have limited experience we offer a training class to become certified in epoxy coatings, epoxy countertops, and protective floor coating systems. During the course, all aspects of epoxy floor coatings & decorative floor finishes will be covered; from concrete testing, surface preparation and repair, floor maintenance, cove base fabrications, and the complete installation of vinyl flake/ chip flooring systems, quartz, metallic and growing in major popularity, glitter floor coating systems. Every student is granted the opportunity to learn mentally and physically, working directly with the equipment, tooling, and chemicals to improve your capabilities and performance ultimately preparing you for the industry. The power is in your hands to create beautiful things!


Why Become a Certified Installer?

We work with a team that knows a lot about turning basic concrete into pieces of art. Here you will get to learn from the best whether you want to know how to polish concrete or how to epoxy garage floors. All professionals in our team are always willing to help and ensure that you are well equipped to handle decorative concrete flooring once you are done with the training.

Learn the art of taking standard grey concrete floors and turning them into a dramatic piece of art! Training courses are held once a month from 9:00am - 6:00pm, with breakfast and lunch provided by Juice2U, Organic Kitchen.

2020 Training Course & Workshop Schedule

What PCU Alumni Have to Say

Great experiential knowledge that has been there whenever I need the help. Even at 12 am on a Sunday! There school will lead you to succeed if you follow their teachings and so far our company has had good experiences with the equipment we bought from them! Thanks especially to Chris and Robert for all of your help and keep up the good work!

Marshall Armstrong North Carolina

Very intuitive training course

Mariella Cruz New York

Awesome service. Very knowledgeable instructor and salesman. Great atmosphere & very professional staff.

Kris Mann Texas